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Listen to the Orange Julius story below while watching this video clip!

Orange Julius

The recipe is…
Jenni’s Raw Vegan Orange Julius to Vibrant Health:
Fresh Squeezed Juice of 4 Oranges
1 (Frozen) Banana

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watch this while listening to nana’s noodles just below!

Nana’s Egg Noodles - perfect in chicken soup!


1 dozen Eggs

1 + 1/2 cups water

1/2 cup potato starch

2tbsp oil

salt and pep


1. first, combine water and starch in a big bowl and mix by hand, once they are combined add everything else and continue to mix it all by hand until there are no more lumps and bumps

2. take a tfal frying pan (the smaller size), heat it and put some oil in the pan. then, wipe out the extra oil with a paper towel. you don’t wanna go swimming in that oil!

3. Ladle in the the noodle mix, just enough to cover the bottom (like a crepe)

4. turn the heat up to medium

5. when the edges start to curl and come away from the pan flip it and for ONE second

6. bang out the “crepe” onto a paper towel… grease the pan again - this time with the already oily paper towel - and repeat!

7. roll all the “crepes” and slice them. when you unroll it you’ll have delicious nana noodles!!!


Why don't we chase our shots with pickles?

"Having survived the Holocaust and then stayed in Germany after the war, it is the food they cook together that they remember their childhoods, maintain a bond to each other and answer questions of heritage, memory and identity."

Watch this illustration with the audio clip ‘Bubby’s Soup’!

Bubby’s Soup

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Green Beans